2017 Short Film Oscar Nominations

2017 Short Film Oscar Nominees

Let’s give some love to the 2017 Short Film Oscar Nominees. Who will follow in the steps of last year’s winners S T U T T E R E R and Bear Story? Take a closer look at the nominees and watch these wonderful trailers. — Short Film – Animation[…]

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2016 Short Film Oscar Nominations | Film Shortage

2016 Short Film Oscar Nominees

The Academy has released their full list of the official nominations for the 2016 Oscars. Everyone is blabbering about the “Leos” and the “Best Pictures” (you can hear all about the in the Academy Awards®: The Complete Unofficial History book), but let’s not forget about the smaller pictures – Here[…]

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Danny and The Wild Bunch | Featured Short Film

Danny and The Wild Bunch

A children’s book author is told that her new manuscript needs to be “darker”, but when her revisions piss off the characters in the book, they come back to make some changes of their own. Danny and The Wild Bunch might seem like a lively little animation on the surface,[…]

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The Phone Call | Oscar

The Phone Call | Oscar Winner

Congratulations to Mat Kirkby and James Lucas for their Oscar win for best Live Action Short. A woman working for a crisis center phone line receives a call from a suicidal older man. thephonecallfilm.com facebook.com/thephonecall twitter.com/thephonecall

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Power Rangers: Zenith

This film/series is a re-telling of a classic story in the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: specifically, the ‘Green with Evil’ saga. facebook.com/PowerRangersZenith/timeline twitter.com/mmpr_zenith_

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2014 Short Film Oscar Winners

A Short Oscar Night

Ellen DeGeneres stole the show with the best selfie ever and turned the Oscars into amusing and fun event while Gravity swept up the awards. But just behind those mega stars were a bunch of short film directors and producers who make their films from passion and fun, in hopes[…]

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2014 Short Film Oscar Nominees

2014 Short Film Oscar Nominations

With the Oscars looming around the corner, The Academy has announced this year’s nominees. While everyone has their eyes on The Best Picture nominees (American Hustle, Nebraska, Captain Philips, Philomena, Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, The Wolf of Wall Street & Her), we will have a quick[…]

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Abyssus Abyssum Invocat | Short Film Trailer

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat is a atmospheric 9 minute stop-motion/live action film that addresses the death penalty and religion. The story unfolds in a surreal and comical fashion, utilizing the somewhat intrinsic creepy quality that comes naturally with the stop-motion medium. The film as a whole was inspired by a painting[…]

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Wolf Girl | Short Film Trailer

The Princess Mononoke: Wolf Girl

Wolf Girl is a live action short film inspired the Studio Ghibli masterpiece Princess Mononoke. It’s an expanded universe adventure set 600 years after the original; The legend of the forest princess has long been forgotten, but the forest spirits live on and are once again in need of a[…]

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