Eye For An Eye || Featured Short Film

Eye For An Eye

Once the party is over, Lilah and Echo decide to visit their once best friend, Claire, who just celebrated her birthday with her new boyfriend, Julian, to hand over a little present. Eye for an Eye is one of the 10 editorial fashion films commissioned by Vogue Italia and Fashion[…]

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Young Empires - Mercy || Daily Short Picks

Young Empires – Mercy

Crossed-wires, missed signals, miscommunications and disappointments. A shitty birthday, a butter cream cake and a dime-store cowboy seven seconds short of an eight second ride. Self-conceptions or self-deceptions. What goes on when the house lights go down? Is it pity, mercy, peace or just blind groping? And these two—the other[…]

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Five Minutes

After being injured during a fight with a zombie, John isn’t sure whether he is infected or not. Only FIVE MINUTES remain for John to figure out his fate and protect the life of his daughter MIA who is with him in the apartment. In this interactive film experience, narrative[…]

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Introducing the world’s first interactive contact lenses. Set 10-15 years in the future, Synoptica is a futuristic drama telling the story of a young couple moving into a technology-integrated house and the ups and downs in their relationship as they are introduced to new technologies. Watch the full film facebook.com/synopticaindustries[…]

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Arcade Fire | Interactive Video

See yourself in Arcade Fire’s new interactive video for Reflektor

Montreal band Arcade Fire have done it again. They created a sneaky but successful build up to yesterday’s release date for their new single “Reflektor“. 9.9 at 9 was the scheduled time for the release, but we got surprised a few hours early with not only an mp3 of the[…]

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Arcade Fire's 'We Used To Wait' (The Wilderness Downtown Chrome Experiment)

The Weekend Shortlist: Short Film Music Videos

This weekend I felt like going with something outside the Film Shortage rules. We have featured a couple of music videos before with ‘Escape’ by Apparat and ‘Luna’ by Malajube, but these had great exceptions. This time we will just feature a couple of music clips because the videos are[…]

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