Birthday || Featured Short Film


When a young military wife gets news that her Marine husband has been severely wounded in combat, she discovers that their life ahead is going to be an overwhelming – yet amazing – journey. We receive many emotionally driven films that hit a soft spot in our hearts, but it’s[…]

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Monday || Daily Short Picks


A young girl with bright eyes looks at us on her bed as an artsy-lover kisses her and an overwhelmed husband arrives. Today is Monday, and they will start their week and the rest of their life with the consequences of today’s actions.

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Hurricane || Short Film Trailer


A paranoia fueled dramedy set in 1950s Cold War, about a husband and wife’s unexpected encounter with Communism.

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Killing Eric || Daily Short Picks

Killing Eric

Two business execs struggle with their family life when their 9 year old son critically wounds the monster under his bed. Julie returns home from a business trip to find utter chaos. Her day drinking workaholic husband has turned their living room into an office, a strange old man is[…]

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Visitors Parking || Daily Short Picks

Visitors Parking

Narrowly escaping before the husband of his married lover arrives home, Peter finds himself locked in a parking garage. Calling everyone imaginable while avoiding a call to the one person he knows can help, he finally gives in and suffers the scorn for his actions and discovers how truly stuck[…]

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Chypre | Daily Short Picks


Chypre focuses on a woman’s relationship problem with a hint of fragrance. How a middle class wife who is ignored by her husband finds herself interested in a fellow lady commuter , a mystery of growing silent rendezvous between two women.

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Daily Short Picks || Destroyer


A husband (Alan Ruck, Spin City) drives his wife out to the country with a mind for retribution. Also starring Judith Hoag (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, NBC’s Nashville).

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Daily Short Picks | Ariadne


Rie is leaving her husband Don. Out of desperation, he reveals a terrifying secret. A sick-in-your-stomach drama, inspired by reported events in Sydney, Australia and referencing Bertolucci in it’s cinematography.

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Daily Short Picks | Remember, The Wind

Remember, The Wind

After leaving this Earth too soon, a husband is able to return briefly to ease his soulmates transition into the beyond.

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The Widow | Short Trailer

The Widow

As the sole carer for her mentally-ill husband, Elaine finds herself in an uncomfortable position: suspended between love and duty, between the need to stay and the desire to flee, she is neither fully a wife nor a nurse. And as she moves through the shuttered halls of their home,[…]

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