Into Quiet // Daily Short Picks

Into Quiet

When two old friends leave the city for a weekend trip hunting deer, glances turn dark, and the nature of who’s being preyed upon becomes unclear. In a lyrically plotted and montage oriented short punctuated by macro close ups and heavy sound design, two friends venture forth from the bustle[…]

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Krabbamlagram // Daily Short Picks


A man walks through Brooklyn photographing creatures. Director’s Statement KrAbBamLGraM is an experimental film about a peculiar photographer, hunting and capturing elusive creatures with his camera. The grotesque creatures, names of which only he seems to know, live in the crevices of the city, amongst people who unseeingly pass by.[…]

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Frostbite || Daily Short Picks


Two brothers are on a hunting trip in the vast snowy wilderness of Northern Norway. One night the big brother disappears and the little brother is left alone to find him.

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Onward | Daily Short Picks


Konki and his family live near Deluun Village, in the Altai Mountains of Western Mongolia, where the last six generations of his bloodline have continued the art and tradition of eagle hunting. At the age of 29, Konki has spent 21 of his years herding animals as a way to[…]

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Jogger | Short Film Trailer


Meet the newest serial killer to join the breed, his name is Jogger. A once championed USA olympic runner from 1984. He splits his time between working out and hunting anyone he finds along his path.

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The Hunt | Daily Short Picks

The Hunt

A boy’s innocence is tested against his need to impress his father after they kill a bird hunting in the forest.

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The Ramens

A father and son bond over ramen on a weekend hunting trip.

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Project: Zero

A man with a violent heart, Daniel Virgil, the son of a weapons billionaire, is given a membership to an exclusive and secretive club where the main attraction is hunting degenerates (aka zombies) in hopes that it will help curve his propensity for violent behaviour.

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The World Is Burning

After his grandfather is fatally attacked by coyotes, a young Newfoundlander returns to his rural hometown to be with his family. His return becomes a reunion with a traditional lifestyle he had left behind when, late one night, he finds himself deep in the forest hunting the coyotes.

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A man seeks to discover his connection with nature while hunted by the onslaught of the machine.

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