Viulu || Short Film Trailer


An ex-hitman tries to play a violin one last time for his wife, but first he must track down the gangsters that took it from him.

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The First Hit || Short Trailer

The First Hit

Two moonlighting hitmen meet their first client in unusual circumstances.

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Parents of The Groom || Daily Short Picks

Parents of The Groom

When Cheryl and Eddie, contract killers and married couple, discover that their next victim is a groomsman in their estranged son’s wedding, due to meet him at the church that evening, they must decide whether to save his life and their relationship with their son, or continue in their madness.

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Daily Short Picks | Airstream


A hitman is hired to kill two young men and retrieve a stolen item, but what awaits all of them is something they would never expect.

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An Entanglement | Daily Short Picks

An Entanglement

A woman’s world comes crashing down when a stranger reveals he’s been hired to kill her. What follows is a dark proposition: pay double, and she can turn the hit back on her murderous husband. Starring Shiri Appleby (nominated for a Critics’ Choice award for her lead role on the[…]

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A Dealer's Tale | Daily Short Picks

The Dealer’s Tale

A modern retelling of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tale, The Pardoner’s Tale. The Dealer’s Tale follows two hit men in the search of death and a mysterious boy who helps them find Him.

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Four Eyes | Short Trailer

Four Eyes

A man struggling with his demons decides to hire a hit-man to do the job he can’t… kill himself.

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Scion | Daily Short Picks


An accomplished hitman pursues his most elusive mark yet; the man who murdered his brother and sister.

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The Man of Death

A former hitman encounters with Death in an ultimate attempt to save his daughter’s life.

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Daily Short Picks | The Untrained

The Untrained

The Untrained is a comedy short film about the hitman in the dark corner. A trope we all know from noir/thriller/spy films. Only here, the hitman is still getting the routine down. Every profession takes some training. Dealing with it as a customer takes some patience.

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