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A teenage boy experiences heartbreak for the first time. Meat is wonderfully toned and temporally shot film. A great structure and character balance with an interesting development on a character that turns out even stranger than believed. We were very lucky with all the meat that was collected by art[…]

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Fix You || Daily Short Picks

Fix You

‘Fix You’ tells the story of two childhood friends who awaken dormant feelings after one falls in a deep slumber caused by a shocking ‘heartbreak.’ Fix You is inspired from classic fairy tales, but also features many themes and social ideals that speak to our current culture. It’s fun, short[…]

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The Letter

A heartbroken New Yorker, who can’t even get his suicide letter right, meets a mysterious girl and a sweater-wearing dog who may ultimately save his life.

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Daily Short Picks | Gem Club - Speech of Foxes

Gem Club – Speech of Foxes

Snow, flame, and heartbreak mingle in this haunting music video for Gem Club’s “Speech of Foxes.” An old man burns his mementos, but as each photograph is destroyed, he also loses a piece of himself to the fire. When the flames spread out of control, the man leaves his past—[…]

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Tick Tock

Tick Tock is set in a steam punk world where the human heart has been replaced by wind-up timers. In the pursuit of love, one man pushes the mechanical limits of his wind-up heart to impress his beloved.

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Fortabt: Loss of Love

Experimental in process, merging documentary & fiction, “fortabt” was born as visual representation of an actual heartbreak in copenhagen. giving life to that place we go when we know it is over. where we reset, find ourselves. take a deep breath & do it all over again.

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Two friends must decide whether to become heroes or not, when a heartbroken ex employee comes to seek revenge on his old office.

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