Untitled, L.A. // Daily Short Pick

Untitled, L.A.

In this relatable relationship drama, a recent art school graduate tests her own boundaries, as well as those of her older, more successful girlfriend. Visually lush, with smart, punchy dialogue, this film examines a relationship on the brink of changing forever.

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Weird Box || Daily Short Picks

Weird Box

Weird Box is an interactive film that makes your Instagram pics part of its story. Seemingly normal thirtysomething Dave is pathologically obsessed with YOUR Instagram pics. And when his girlfriend discovers his weird secret, all hell breaks loose. Get the full Interactive Short Film here

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Alison || Daily Short Picks


In this poignant snapshot of the modern relationship, a dysfunctional night with his girlfriend challenges Jay to evaluate whether the rewards of intimacy and commitment are worth the complicated baggage that comes with.

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Ayatana || Daily Short Picks


A young blind boy tries to see the world with the help of his girlfriend and the power of his imagination.

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Nibble || Halloween Week Daily Short Picks


Andy is like a lot of young men, he loves his girlfriend and hates his job, but what sets him apart from most isn’t the life he leads, it’s what’s living in his wall.

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re: Jess | Daily Short Picks

re: Jess

Jake, a 20-something Brooklynite, is confronted with the news of his ex-girlfriend’s sudden death. He turns to technology to navigate his grief and come to terms with his loss. “re: Jess” screened at Nitehawk Cinema Shorts Fest (Brooklyn, NY), Youngcuts Film Festival (Montreal, Canada), St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival[…]

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1500 Words || Featured Short Film

1500 Words

When Stanley Franks visits his doctor, he’s told he only has 1500 Words left to live. How do you tell your wife you have 1500 words left to live? This is the crazy idea that came from James Menzies university work, which friend Andrew Chaplin decided to turn the short[…]

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Daily Short Picks | Cold Call

Cold Call

Rob (James Naylor) didn’t come home last night and his girlfriend Sue (Billie Fulford-Brown) goes to work tired, frustrated and concerned. When Rob finally arrives at the call centre to start his shift she begins to quiz him, only to find out that he’s been lying about his whereabouts and,[…]

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Where Do We Go From Here | Short Trailer

Where Do We Go From Here

‘Where Do We Go From Here’ is a portrait of youth in mourning. We follow seventeen-year-old Elliot as he struggles to understand the sudden death of his older brother, Tyler. Flanked by his older sister and Tyler’s girlfriend, Elliot searches for peace in the music Tyler left behind. facebook.com/wheredowegofromherefilm

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Daily Short Picks | Next Like

Next Like

After the worst breakup of his life, Chris is found laying in his bed recalling all the memories of his time with Claire, and the aftermath of their breakup. He’s sad, and his sister’s fiancee, Kenny, meets him down at the harbour in order to talk him through it. While[…]

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