Emma // Daily Short Picks


A woman discovers a playful ghost residing in her new apartment. Soon she realizes that there may be more to this spirit than fun and games. Director’s Statement We originally filmed this short to submit to David F. Sandberg’s #MyAnnabelleCreation horror competition. However, our lead actress (Chelsea) got sick toward[…]

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Ghost Can || Daily Short Picks

Ghost Can

Following a date gone awry, Josie returns home with an unwanted souvenir and an unexpected visitor. A horror comedy that takes a disquieting look at modern dating, and the perils of unleashing spirits from the past.

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Girl + Ghost || Featured Short Film

Girl + Ghost

In a surreal and quiet suburb, a beautiful girl waits for the flirtatious postman to arrive each morning. Little does she know, across the street lives a lonely ghost, trapped in an old house, longing for her from afar. In a film four years in the making, director Nik Wansbrough[…]

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Jack & Em || Daily Short Picks

Jack & Em

A New England ghost movie about saying good bye. It is a love story about letting go, and doing what’s best for those that you love, and those that you leave behind.

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Kitchen | Short Trailer


In a house in the middle of nowhere, Jason made the discovery of a cookbook hidden in his attic. Later, when he decided to prepare a delicious meal for his wife Marie, things do not go as planned … A ghost took possession.

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Pareidolia | Daily Short Picks


A man suffering from recurring nightmares reaches out to a friend for help. He believes that he’s being haunted. However, his faltering grip on reality has left him open to an attack. Someone wants what he has…

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Visible | Featured Short Film


In 2016 the human race turns invisible. In 2076 a small number of people start to mysteriously reappear. Stepping away from the conventional overwhelming science fiction film, ‘Visible’ sweeps us into a soft and spirited state despite the close-to apocalyptic nature of the storyline. In 2016 the human race turns[…]

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Daily Short Picks | He Works The Long Nights

He Works The Long Nights

A man whose job places him on the fringes of British society explains his day-to-day life. Taking us through his daily routine, we witness the boredom and repetition that comes with being a ghost in the system. lukecarlisle.com twitter.com/carrrlisle

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Daily Short Picks | The Caretaker

The Caretaker

In an empty theatre, a reclusive caretaker has a mysterious encounter that forces him to confront his past. Movement is used to blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

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A young man drives a boat into the middle of the ocean in an attempt to starve himself. He drifts through hallucinations and lovingly says goodbye to the ghosts that follow him. gordieearle.com/#!honeymoon/cgvw instagram.com/earleybloomer

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