Acting In Short: Julian Casey - Modern Artist

Acting in Short: Julian Casey

You might remember Julian in ‘Death by Chocolate‘ by Dimitri Gochgarian, featured on Film Shortage back in 2015. Part of a new series called Modern Artists by Dimitri, episode 2 focuses on actor Julian Casey who tells us about the art of acting. Modern Artists – Episode 2: Julian Casey[…]

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Another World | Daily Short Picks

Another World

Another World is a short based on cult classic game Antother World (Out of this world in the USA). The protagonist of the game is Lester Knight Chaykin, a young genius physicist. In the opening cinematic, Lester arrives at his high-tech underground laboratory in his Ferrari 288 GTO[8] during a[…]

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Max Payne Retribution | Short Film Trailer

Max Payne Retribution

MAX PAYNE: Retribution is a non profit FAN FILM, based on the computer game “MAX PAYNE” created by Sam Lake and developed by Remedy, Rockstar Games, 3DRealms, Take 2 and Gathering of Developers.

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Emigrant | Daily Short Picks


Emigration is the act of leaving one’s native country with the intent to settle elsewhere. Mikel, an emigrant to the United Kingdom, has a passion for games. His observations of the world around him and his relationship with his father lead him to create a game that will change the[…]

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Lure | Daily Short Picks

Lure – Ioana Ciolacu

This story takes its inspiration from the oldest game in nature. The hunt. Across the ages, whether we are talking about carnivores or herbivores, flora or fauna, indifferent of species, the cycle of predator and prey continues to define the natural world. From the Directors of Waste, a short movie[…]

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Truth or Daring

An escalating game of truth or dare between two friends becomes personal. Written, shot, and edited as part of a self-imposed 48 hour film contest … with another few hundred hours of procrastination to add the finishing touches and finally upload it.

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The Immaculate Reception | Featured Short Film

The Immaculate Reception

Joey, 16, the middle of 3 boys, shy and still very much a kid, wants to grow up and be like his dad and brother, strong charismatic steelworkers. We all have these moments, which of memories will stay imprinted in our minds forever. ‘The Immaculate Reception’ is a about one[…]

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Five Minutes

After being injured during a fight with a zombie, John isn’t sure whether he is infected or not. Only FIVE MINUTES remain for John to figure out his fate and protect the life of his daughter MIA who is with him in the apartment. In this interactive film experience, narrative[…]

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Sylvester, the serial killer clown, has left a gruesome trail of bodies. For his next victim, he chose Lana. Once she enters his web, they begin a twisted game with Sylvester wanting to feed his hunger and Lana fighting for her life.

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Bowl Me | Featured Short Film

Bowl Me

Bowling alley mechanic Jake Chate is a bit of a voyeur. When the girl of his dreams begins to bowl a perfect game, Jake becomes entranced by her elegant beauty. ‘Bowl Me’ is just a simple short with a brilliant display of play on words. And it’s no hideous tackiness[…]

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