Intimacy // Daily Short Picks


A film told entirely through the alternating perspectives of a deaf woman and a blind man, as they go through the emotional turmoil of their first date.

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This Always Happens || Featured Short Film

This Always Happens

A couple on a first date argues about astrology. This Always Happens is quite a particular film by Alexander Christenson which spawns an astrological debate through the mundane acts of a first date. Things get a little feisty as egoistic personal opinions get in the way. Like many artists, Alexander[…]

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The Creeps | Short Trailer

The Creeps

Denny has a first date on Halloween night with someone he met online. Once he arrives, however, he starts to see that not everything is what it seems as the night gets stranger and stranger.

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Her Name Was

A commitment-phobe looks back on the loves he left behind during a first date with the one he believes to be his soulmate.

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Hit Me

Their first date unfolds in his imagination. He’ll show her into the bowling alley. Tie the laces of her special bowling shoes. His eyes will guide her as she rolls the ball down the lane. But life disrupts his fantasies.

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