The Discovery of Alan Hindley || Featured Short Film

The Discovery of Alan Hindley

A ham radio enthusiast discovers a mysterious object that might be a window into another world. One day, a mysterious object falls from the sky, crashing into Alan’s backyard. The object begins to manipulate Alan’s perception giving him a glimpse into a disturbing alternate version of his own reality. While[…]

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Le Sommet Bleu || Daily Short Picks

Le Sommet Bleu

Three brothers bear climb a mountain with a blue top. They make a strange discovery which triggers the separation of the group.

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Instinct / Reason || Daily Short Picks

Instinct / Reason

In an indeterminate time period, two women find themselves in the woods searching for food. They are faced with the options of sharing and working together or going solo in a test of moral law. The discovery of the familiar and the need to survive are tested as the question[…]

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Fragment | Daily Short Picks


An Air Force jet breaks up over the desert. A mysterious radio beacon draws the pilot from the crash site. A discovery is waiting. And it is not of this Earth.

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Daily Short Picks | Good Machine Gun Sound

Good Machine Gun Sound

Make an RRRR sound. Then make small bursts of Ts that force themselves through the R’s. A good machine gun sound. Now go play. Arvid is eight years old when he encounters death for the first time. We float with him through the strange landscape of grief that now surrounds[…]

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Indigo Grey: The Passage | Featured Short Film

Indigo Grey: The Passage

A Young boy’s discovery of a mysterious gas mask provides a glimpse into an alternate reality. Hanmerstep’s project first caught our attention with the trailer early last year, with its dystopian futuristic genre merged with dance art. The film gave a little more than a dance routine, with an reluctant[…]

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Daily Short Picks| Star Stuff

Star Stuff

What are the stars? In search of an answer to that seemingly simple question, Carl, a curious child, sets off on a great voyage of discovery. As one question is answered, more appear. Soon enough, where once stood but a curious boy, a great scientist will rise. “Star Stuff” is[…]

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Shot over the course of 2014, on various documentary adventures around the world. Where and to who will life take you? A summer of discovery. Dedicated to my father, the traveler. Shot in the following countries: United States, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Jordan, Nepal

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