These People // Daily Short Picks

These People

A bourgeois dinner. The table is flawless: chandeliers, fine porcelain, divine dishes, delicate wines. Seven guests are sitting. They all are charming… from the outside. What are they truly thinking about? Director’s Notes These People is the first short film I ever wrote and directed. It started off as an[…]

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My Dinner With Werner // Crowdfunding Campaign

My Dinner with Werner

Inspired by the real-life, insane “friendship” between madman German filmmaker Werner Herzog and maniac German actor Klaus Kinski, MY DINNER WITH WERNER is a ridiculously wild and wacky comedy about an 80s dinner date with an unsuspecting murder plot as the main dish. We have an excellent cast and crew[…]

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Check Please || Featured Short Film

Check Please

In a fancy restaurant, Ben plans to propose to his long time girlfriend, Laura, only to find out that his ring was mistakenly sent to the wrong table. We’ve all heard about or seen films about proposals going wrong, in Daniel Sorochkin’s dinner proposal story we focus on the often[…]

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Charlie Cloudhead || Daily Short Picks

Charlie Cloudhead

Charlie bottles up his problems into a cloud that floats above his head. A tense birthday diner with his wife forces him to confront his issues, with spectacular results. Starring Paul Higgins (Utopia, Thick of It) and Daisy Haggard (Episodes, Black Mirror)

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Sin Matador || Daily Short Picks

Sin Matador

Sin Matador is a short comedy about a couple whose romantic dinner plans are threatened when they become embroiled in an illegal, underground bullfight in the basement of their Manhattan apartment building.

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Feed Her || Halloween Week Daily Short Picks

Feed Her

When new couple Erin and Jordan finally arrive at their weekend cabin getaway, Erin is dying to eat. But as she dutifully prepares their picture-perfect autumn dinner, a tasty gift left on the dining room table catches her eye. Is it a trap?

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The Story of 90 Coins || Daily Short Picks

The Story of 90 Coins

9 Yuan, perhaps can’t get you a dinner or a decent piece of clothes but it allows you to get a legal significance little red book which is a marriage certificate issued by the People’s Republic of China. ‘The story of 90 Coins’ is a character-driven true emotional love story.[…]

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Steak Knife | Featured Short Film

Steak Knife

The Date with the Unexpected – A darkly wicked suspense-thriller, with a twisted smile… George gets a dinner date with the unexpected in this twisted dark thriller, Steak Knife. Written and directed by Ben Gutteridge, we are placed on the uncomfortable edge when George’s date with Julia is dominated by[…]

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Films de chez nous | I'll Miss You Someday

I’ll Miss You Someday

Both Addison and Ellis could not be any less enthusiastic about their upcoming blind date, but to appease their eager friends, the two decide to give it a shot. It’s only dinner after all. But when the conversation turns to the past, Addison teaches Ellis that regrets aren’t meant to[…]

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