Jukebox Girl || Short Film Trailer

Jukebox Girl

Brenda, the mayor’s daughter, is also known by her criminal alias, The Jukebox Girl. With the police hot on her trail, she must decide between putting her delinquent days behind her or succumbing to a life of crime.

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Kong's || Featured Short Film


A low level criminal makes a bad decision leading to serious consequences. Kong’s is a short film built on brute emotion by filmmaker Ian Schiller, who used his home town of Santa Cruz, California, as a backbone to his storyline. Santa Cruz is a town where the tech billions of[…]

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Big Criminals || Daily Short Picks

Big Criminals

Rory & Cleo are about to commit armed robbery, but there’s a problem – someone forgot the ski-mask.

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The Mountain King || Featured Short Film

The Mountain King

In 1970s Northern California, a counterfeit artist helps his boss with a vanity film project, getting tangled up with a free-spirited actress and some unpredictable criminals in the process. Welcome to Northern California, 1970’s. The Mountain King is a character driven up beat film following a counterfeit artist who gets[…]

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Give a Man a Gun | Daily Short Picks

Give a Man a Gun

For working class people in the U.S., there are few career options for those who aren’t technologically adept. The same dilemma applies to criminals – how do you make fast cash in a world where cash barely exists anymore? My short follows a would-be criminal who thinks he’s figured out[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Batman: Death of a City

Batman: Death of a City

Batman: Death of a City is a non-profit fanfiction crime-thriller inspired by the Caped Crusader’s darkest chapters. BATMAN: DEATH OF A CITY is a non-profit fanfiction short film depicting the violence and depravity that plagues Gotham City. Over the course of one long hellacious night Jim Gordon and his partner[…]

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Batman: Death of a City | Short Film Trailer

Batman: Death of a City

Batman: Death of a City takes place over the course of one long hellacious night, Jim Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock investigate a series of grisly murders infecting Gotham. As they dig down deeper into the depths of horror the pair of hard-nosed detectives discover the return of one[…]

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Rebel Boy | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

Rebel Boy

In 1956, teenager Bobby Dayton lives in his delinquent brother’s shadow. After their pack breaks into the school secretary’s house, Bobby has to choose between following in his brother’s criminal footsteps and leaving the gang for good. facebook.com/rebelboyfilm twitter.com/rebelboyfilm

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Daily Short Picks | Mr. Stitch

Mr. Stitch

Set in contemporary London, and introduces a mysterious doctor for the criminal underworld known only as “Mr. Stitch”.

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Detrimental Decisions | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

Detrimental Decisions

A dramatic film about Mathew, a young man who is reluctantly sucked into the Maple Grove Criminal Syndicate. A feature film directed by Montreal’s very own, Austin James Beauchamp & Kevin Woodhouse. This story was based off of a short film written by Austin James Beauchamp. Our production team has[…]

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