Winston || Featured Short Film


A psychological tale about a man (Winston) falling into his own hell, by his own means. We often get the impression that animation films are only directed toward children, but every so often a visionary artist likes to prove us otherwise. Like we’ve seen in the past with shorts such[…]

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Nibble || Halloween Week Daily Short Picks


Andy is like a lot of young men, he loves his girlfriend and hates his job, but what sets him apart from most isn’t the life he leads, it’s what’s living in his wall.

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Behaviors - Demystify My Love

Behaviors – Demystify My Love

If ‘Beauty & the Beast’, ‘Karate Kid’, and ‘Deuce Bigalow’ had an orgy and created a super creepy music video-child… this would be it.

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Invaders | Featured Short Film


A pair of home invaders consider their potential character choices just prior to their planned invasion. A film like ‘Invaders’ is all about the setting, avoiding the full story, the film is driven by an unready situation instead. Planted directly at the doorstep of a home invasion heist, the plot[…]

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I'm Not Sorry | Featured Short Film

I’m Not Sorry

A lonely and disturbed man wants nothing more than to fit in and find a partner but his self-loathing and violent tendencies prevent that from becoming a reality. Ok this one’s a little creepy, disturbing and whatever else you want to call it. But despite its outrageous and uncomfortable nature,[…]

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The Man in the House

The Man in the House is a story both familiar and strange about a man living alone on a dying planet.

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A young couple in the middle of a breakup meet a woman who’s not what she seems to be.

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Flesh Computer | Short Film Trailer

Flesh Computer

A weary handyman does his best to maintain a decaying building in a ruined city, but when scavengers attack his cybernetic pet project, the line between human and machine becomes blurred.

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Head Over Heels

A real estate agent discovers who people really are as he invades their personal space. As humans we feel the need to collect things, show off to the world what we can afford and the toys we like to put out on display. In contrast so much can be told[…]

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2AM: The Smiling Man

A young man walks a lonely street at night and encounters a frightening stranger. Inspired by a true story, The Smiling Man by Blue_Tidal

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