Solus // Daily Short Picks


A father and his terminally ill son go tracking into the heart of the forest in search for a magical healing bird. Director’s Statement Over time, SOLUS became an atmospheric story that gives voice to the subconscious. It focuses on a complex father (Carter), who takes his seven year old[…]

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Hum || Featured Short Film


A solitary dish washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls, with the help of a small friend he breaks free of confinement to pursue his dream of exploration. Box robots have become a[…]

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Piper || Short Film Trailer / Oscar Winner


A hungry sandpiper hatchling discovers that finding food without mom’s help isn’t so easy. Watch the full film on iTunes or Google Play.

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Outside | Short Film Trailer


Directed by PH+BEN, the animation short film Outside is SHED’s first original production, produced in collaboration with SideFX. A wonderful story completely animated in Houdini and rendered in Mantra.

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The Hunt | Daily Short Picks

The Hunt

A boy’s innocence is tested against his need to impress his father after they kill a bird hunting in the forest.

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Snow King | Short Film Trailer

Snow King

Snow King is the story of a man, who, as a young boy witnesses the horrors of war, human cruelty and insufferable pain. Deported to a distant land far from home, the boy develops a dangerous friendship with an eccentric local puppet-maker, a bond he must sacrifice to save his[…]

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A Fistful of Feathers

“A Fistful of Feathers” follows a young boy’s daydream through the landscape of a spaghetti western: Chase is an 8-year-old obsessed with cowboy films. After his parents kick him out for watching too much TV, he must confront two ravens that cross the line. The film utilizes practical effects, stop-motion[…]

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