Petty // Daily Short Picks


A couple’s argument about finances is framed by an immanent tragic event.

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This Always Happens || Featured Short Film

This Always Happens

A couple on a first date argues about astrology. This Always Happens is quite a particular film by Alexander Christenson which spawns an astrological debate through the mundane acts of a first date. Things get a little feisty as egoistic personal opinions get in the way. Like many artists, Alexander[…]

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Terminal || Daily Short Picks


A broken man, with a reliance on substance abuse, reflects on his atrocious act of violence taken against his spouse during their last heated argument.

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After an argument with his mum, Harry storms off down the road. Behind some bins, searching through scraps of food, Harry encounters a characterful, vagrant crocodile who has a thing or two to say about life on the road. The crocodile is brought to life in the form of a[…]

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Frequence | Short Film Trailer


A priest secretly listens to the tragic argument of a couple. Watch the Frequence Making Of

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