James Bond / Casino Royale

The Top Three Casino Films Of All Time

Casinos have always encapsulated wealth, opulence, bright lights, plunging necklines and tuxedos. This glamorous lifestyle has always been an elusive to the ordinary person, and one of the ways in which one has been able to have a glimpse of this word has been through the medium of film. There[…]

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Remember Aurora // Daily Short Picks

Remember Aurora

Melbourne based filmmaker, Jesse Vogelaar brings us a unique storytelling technique in his new film Remember Aurora. Sam O’Brien [from Australian musical duo Venus Court] & Briar Rose star in this relentless romance, that splits the atom of emotion in under 3 minutes. I cast actors to read out lines[…]

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Between The Lines || Featured Short Film

Between The Lines

Two young actors, strangers, are thrown together in a casting before spending a fleeting summer rehearsing and learning to fall in love on stage. As they are gently guided by their director (cupid), their own feelings take over. Between the Lines was a project shot on 35mm, all on practical[…]

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Showtime || Daily Short Picks


Two small timers anxiously await the biggest job of their lives, but things soon start to unravel. Past demons come back to haunt them both and threaten to jeopardise the job at hand as well as their friendship… All is not as it first seems with these partners in crime.

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Point and Shoot || Featured Short Film

Point and Shoot

When an attempted burglary turns into an unlikely car-jacking, two aspiring criminals learn an important lesson : only practice makes. Robberies don’t always go to plan, even when your method acting. Director Thomas Leisten Schneider takes us through a little adventure where an attempted burglary turns into an unlikely car-jacking,[…]

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5 Tips for Working With Amateur Actors

5 Tips for Working With Amateur Actors

There are very few, if any, successful directors that would recommend working with amateur actors. In the words of director Brian DePalma, “The biggest mistake in student films is that they are usually cast so badly, with friends and people the director knows.” Even if the budget doesn’t assume the[…]

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Black Movie Night

Two actor friends have decided not to watch the Oscars in protest of the lack of diversity as seen in the 88th Academy Awards. Instead, they plan to celebrate a Black Movie Night of African American movies. However, as they began to discuss their dreams as actors, it is revealed[…]

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005 Jumpers | Breaking The Scene

Breaking The Scene: Jumpers

We’re kicking off a new segment on Film Shortage called ‘Breaking The Scene’, where we choose a specific scene that really captures our attention in one of our featured films, and break it down to get a behind the scene look with the director of the film. We thought we’d[…]

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LA Stories

Semi-famous TV star Luke Wheeler attends an upscale LA party featuring a wide variety of characters while in pursuit of his girlfriend when he gets an unexpected visit from an old friend.

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