2017 Short Film Oscar Nominations

2017 Short Film Oscar Nominees

Let’s give some love to the 2017 Short Film Oscar Nominees. Who will follow in the steps of last year’s winners S T U T T E R E R and Bear Story? Take a closer look at the nominees and watch these wonderful trailers. — Short Film – Animation[…]

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Weighting | starring Brie Larson

Weighting | A Short Film by Brie Larson & Dustin Bowser

Many Academy winners start in short films. Here’s Brie Larson in the brilliant short she co-directed with Dustin Bowser ‘Weighting’. She wants to go. He wants her to stay. Neither gets quite what they want. Starring Brie Larson and Satya Bhabha.

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2016 Short Film Oscar Nominations | Film Shortage

2016 Short Film Oscar Nominees

The Academy has released their full list of the official nominations for the 2016 Oscars. Everyone is blabbering about the “Leos” and the “Best Pictures” (you can hear all about the in the Academy Awards®: The Complete Unofficial History book), but let’s not forget about the smaller pictures – Here[…]

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2015 Short Film Oscar Nominations

2015 Short Film Oscar Nominations

The Noms are here! The Academy has released their full list of the official nominations for the 2015 Oscars, everyone knows about the big pictures, but let’s shed a little light on the short film nominations. Here are the trailers for this year’s nominations for Short Film Animations and Live[…]

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How Short Should Your Short Film Be?

How Short Should a Short Be?

We get asked and ask ourselves quite often, ‘what defines the length of a short film?’. In reality there is no standard length, and probably our strongest point of reference is basing ourselves on the Academy Awards submission standards, where a film running under 40 minutes falls under the short[…]

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2014 Short Film Oscar Nominees

2014 Short Film Oscar Nominations

With the Oscars looming around the corner, The Academy has announced this year’s nominees. While everyone has their eyes on The Best Picture nominees (American Hustle, Nebraska, Captain Philips, Philomena, Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, Gravity, The Wolf of Wall Street & Her), we will have a quick[…]

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Short Sighted on the stage

Short Sighted: Get Your Film Seen By The People Who Matter

BAFTA, British Council and Shooting People are back in Glasgow this year with their popular annual event on marketing and distributing your short film: Short Sighted. Tues 9 July at 11.00am at CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD A perfect continuation and extension of our last article ‘How To[…]

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