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Director Terry Rayment depicts the transformational power of love and happiness with his 35mm spot “Understanding.” Cinematographer Kate Arizmendi helps Rayment display the power of visual storytelling at its best, capturing all the emotions beautifully on KODAK VISION3 500T 5219. Kodak’s affiliation with the piece, which chronicles the relationship between[…]

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Between The Lines || Featured Short Film

Between The Lines

Two young actors, strangers, are thrown together in a casting before spending a fleeting summer rehearsing and learning to fall in love on stage. As they are gently guided by their director (cupid), their own feelings take over. Between the Lines was a project shot on 35mm, all on practical[…]

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The Wall || Featured Short Film

The Wall

A visual and abstract exploration of perseverance and the many walls we all face in our lives. Andrew presented his first film of the series ‘Of Walls & Mountains’ just days ago on our Daily Short Picks. Just the time to take a few breaths and we are blessed with[…]

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A curious shopping cart collector investigates a suspicious knife sharpening truck and its owner after a string of brutal murders occurs in his suburban town. A soft and curious film that edges on character development with simple cinematic progressions. Starring Paul Castro Jr, Chloe Levine, Marc Menchaca and Peter Friedman,[…]

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Online Premiere | for Annabelle

For Annabelle

A black comedy about a lovelorn writer who pens his suicide letter and hangs himself, FOR ANNABELLE was shot on 35mm with the assistance of a Kodak film grant.

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Belly of the Beast

Photographer Markus Andersen doggedly pursues not merely cool images but great images. Sydney, Australia is his canvas – he calls it the belly of the beast. His art practice encompasses documentary, street and conceptual bodies of work using analogue 35mm, 120 film and the iPhone as his capture mediums.This video[…]

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Short End

In the very near future, at the end of an era, veteran cinematographer Reginald Masters decides to shoot a ‘farewell message to film’ on the last bit of 35mm film in existence. The hapless crew of digital natives, headed up by director Lee Archibald, scramble to keep up appearances in[…]

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Let's Be Civil, Kenneth! | Featured Short Film

Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth!

1950’s domestic drama is told in one consecutive shot, delving into Marjorie and Kenneth’s struggle with their respective roles in the marriage. Both shocking and disturbing, ‘Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth!’ is a brilliant masterpiece with a macabre approach, illustrating the the social restrictions of ” The American Dream.” It stars[…]

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Going Dark

The Final Days of Film Projection Hollywood has decided to change the way movies are projected, forcing theaters to convert to digital or go dark. As theaters around the world move to newer digital technology, the job of the 35mm film projectionist is becoming irrelevant. Going Dark profiles two theater[…]

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By 2014 it will be nearly impossible to get a first run feature on 35mm print. The industry’s switch to Digital means that thousands of independent theaters will have to get rid of their film projectors in preparation for the new, and expensive, digital projectors. Changeover is the story of[…]

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