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We Are Angles | Short Film Trailer

A modern tale of the world of angels and demons and their fight over the soul of humanity. Angels will be chosen to help a human whose soul is in torment by a demon who wants to kill her.

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NOVR | Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage

Two soldiers have destiny thrown upon them when they discover what might be humanities only hope – in a war they have already lost. A NOVR. An independent micro budget short edited on a Macbook Pro (including SFX). Shot on Canon 5d MkIII.

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Red Zone | Short Film Trailer

When a scientific accident releases a captured alien life form, the military is quickly overwhelmed, and the government is forced to create the Red Zone – a 200 square km area devoid of all human life. This gives birth to Runners – mercenaries for hire who trespass into the RZ[…]

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Half Shaved | Short Film Trailer

What if a torturer meets his victim in a barbershop after 20 years? Will the barber forgive his perpetrator while he holds the razor against the other’ s neck? Or will he look for revenge?

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Shot | Short Film Trailer

Taylor and Brennan get along just fine despite relying on their unconventional relationship to fulfill their addictions. Watch the full short, featured on Film Shortage

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The Trailer - Short Film Trailer

A man wakes up in his bed that is covered in blood and his beloved wife is gone. A blood trail is dragged through the hallways of the dark mansion and meanwhile he follows the trail he tries to overcome his immense fear of what he might find on the[…]

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The Hard Dream | Short Film Trailer

A film about the dream of a robot, to leave tedious hardships and to reach out freedom … A dream of a robot, in a repair shops, caught in a tyrant and pitiless foreman; What can be the dream? A Dream of every second, every minute, every hour… every year.[…]

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Icarus Down | Short Film Trailer

A military vessel is shot down on an unknown planet, creating darkness and chaos among its passengers. Icarus Down is a groundbreaking live-action short film seeking your contribution to help accomplish their ultimate goal. The film is entirely shot, but they have lots of work left in post production. Having[…]

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Emily | Short Film Trailer

The kidnapping of a young girl causes a tragic trail of events to unfold, jeopardizing the lives of many innocent people. After a freight train wreckage causes disaster on the outskirts of a bustling city, rail engineer and father to Emily, John Bairstow is brought in off the record by[…]

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