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The Prince | Short Film Trailer

What would be your last words to your dying father? An arrogant young man visits his father who appears to be on his deathbed. The son, our “Prince”, is not coming to shed tears or to say farewell. He has only come to ask his father where he’s hidden the[…]

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Night Before The Morning Sun | Short Film Trailer

Suzanne is waking up. In the fleeting moments before she forgets her dreams, she searches her subconscious for an answer to the question on the tip of her tongue. But can Suzanne learn to break free of her suspended state of being? Inspired by the Edward Hopper painting “Morning Sun.”[…]

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Swampland | Short Film Trailer

A new trailer for Swampland, following the first one featured on Film Shortage. A boy named Crocodile struggles to live in poverty. He teams up with a young girl, Jennifer, but he ultimately wants to an escape from reality. Don’t forget to watch Kenneth Bauer’s featured short, Wild Runs The[…]

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The Art of Dreaming | Short Film Trailer

Do we make the things in our dreams … or do they make us? A young woman mourning the death of her mother is haunted in her dreams by a horrible Demon. She learns the technique of Lucid Dreaming so she can confront the Demon and get him to stop.[…]

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Yellow | Short Film Trailer

A struggling actress is getting trapped in abstract, brutal events, triggered by a mysterious drug called: “YELLOW”

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The Deliverer | Short Film Trailer

The Deliverer deals with a world, showing a lack of human rights and the use of forced labor, by corporations who can no longer afford hired labor. Every able-bodied man, woman and child are seen as potential slaves. This is regardless of gender, ethnic background, education or religion. It shows[…]

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Oh Willy | Short Film Trailer

Forced to return to his naturist roots, Willy bungles his way into noble savagery. An award winning animated short by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels. Co-produced by Beast Animation / Vivement Lundi! / Polaris Film Productions / il Luster Films Read the Oh Willy… case study on[…]

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From The Sky | Short Film Trailer

Hakeem and his son Abbas live in poverty. They also live in a region frequently targeted by drone strikes. Camp is set for the night; a pause in the middle of a journey to make a crucial sale. During their humble meal, Abbas struggles to manage his Post Traumatic Stress[…]

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