The River

There is a small river that flows through a quiet suburb. In these suburbs you watch TV, do your laundry, hang around, go swimming, hang around, watch TV, there are aliens, watch TV, watch TV, and the water flows.

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The 3rd Letter | Featured Short Film

The 3rd Letter

In a distinctive dystopian future, humans utterly depend on health-care and technology to withstand the deteriorating climate The future never looks so bright in science fiction films. Greg Jonkajtys‘ film is no different, where we are set against a polluted, megalopolis world. We follow the tragic tale of Jeffrey Brief[…]

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After Thought | Featured Short Film

After Thought

A man finds himself in extraordinary circumstances after receiving a bill for his own funeral.

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The Signal | Featured Short Film

The Signal

A new energy source, created to solve the world’s energy crisis, believed to have deadly side effects.

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Each Time Again | Featured Short Film

Each Time Again

As boy discovers a machine that wipes the slate clean and doesn’t hesitate to use it ritually throughout his life.

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R'Ha || Featured Short Film


A member of an alien race is being tortured and interrogated by a machine.

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Initiative #435

A cyborg named Abel escapes a top-secret facility. A detective named Cain is hired to track it down and in process, Cain discovers the shocking truth about himself.

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Expo | Featured Short Film


A female astro-miner needs to cope with losing her daughter while on tour on a lunar mine and the isolation and responsibility as complications arise on the moon.

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You


It’s just a normal, boring day for Elise in the not so distant future. But an unexpected encounter with a familiar face changes her life forever.

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Watch The Skies

Watch The Skies

Clayton is a struggling college student whose father, an employee of the powerful technology corporation Energia International, disappeared ten years ago. Clayton quickly uncovers the Halo, his father’s last project for Energia that drove him to insanity. When Clayton puts on the Halo blue lights flicker, a giant beam emits[…]

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