Streets of Rage | Featured Short Film

Streets of Rage

A young kid dreams of becoming a boxer. But some dreams are very hard to get. We’ve all loved comic books when we were kids and we’ve seen them all turn into big successful motion pictures one by one (some more than others). But turning these characters into real people[…]

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Soy Fuego | Featured Short Film

Soy Fuego

Let the fire transform your senses. Soledad falls into a big depression caused by the constant abuse she is victim of, in her daily routine. In there she finds a series of dreams in which she slowly transforms in to fire. She will try her best to escape from both[…]

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The Tale of The Wall Habitants | Featured Short Film

The Tale of the Wall Habitants

The conflict between doors and windows is threatening to escalate. We’ve heard all the ancient tales and legends in one form or another over the course of time, but Andrej Boka brings us a new story that surely you have never heard before. Boka’s premise of a conflict between doors[…]

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L'amblyope | Films de chez nous


Le processus de création artistique d’une jeune peintre Comment perçoit-on un être cher lorsque l’on est privé de la vue et comment le cinéma peut-il représenter ces perceptions qui échappent à son domaine, l’audiovisuel ? Par métaphore visuelle, évidemment. Ce petit court métrage de Kamran Chahkar nous prends par surprise[…]

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Miriam’s Song

Incorporating original poetry and music, this film explores the resilience of children in circumstances of trauma and loneliness, particularly their use of imagination as a tool for endurance and escape. Watch Shabnam’s short Dollhouse on Film Shortage.

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All Flowers in time | Films de chez nous

All Flowers in Time

shape shifting personalities infect young children with an evil signal in the form of a Dutch TV show.

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Epoch | Featured Short Film


Epoch is the story of Ram and Luna, two ancient souls who exist throughout the history of civilization, experiencing the world through other peoples’ minds and bodies.

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Daily Short Picks || Lovely Monster

Lovely Monster

“Lovely Monster” tells the true story of Sophia, a young woman dealing with a rare and very dangerous condition. Watch Francesco Calabrese’s new killing short film, I Killer, now featured on Film Shortage – A must see!

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The Door In The Wall

A girl skips innocently through the woods. She comes across a giant mysterious wall. She hears someone crying on the other side of the wall, a girl. But all is not as is seems. Loonatik and Drinks present a dark modern fairy tale which warns to be careful where your[…]

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