Fuel Junkie

The tragic love story of a couple living in a rundown desert town where gasoline huffing, prostitution and robbery are their only means of entertainment. facebook.com/fueljunkiefilm

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Beauty – Official Trailer

A man falls witness to an otherworldly vision that sends his life spiralling out of balance. Read our interview with Colin and how he Created Beauty facebook.com/beautyshortfilm twitter.com/beautyshortfilm cinesthetique.ca

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6-Minute Mom

When the person supposed to be closest to you is nothing more than a stranger. chrisshimojima.com

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What I Am

A fighter misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorder at an early age.

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How do you define yourself ?.. What would happen if multiple emotions become one. facebook.com/idharamovie

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Death of A Legend | Daily Short Picks

Death of A Legend

With dissent against the social system, a young contract killer takes his first job on a hit to take down a legendary hit man. facebook.com/raisinsood

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Dog Days

Stephen and Isaac are stuck at home on a boring summer day. They wander from indoors to outdoors, desperately trying to find something to do. When the family dog Lily goes missing, they take it up as an adventure, only to find she has actually been hurt very badly. Isaac[…]

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Let's Be Civil, Kenneth! | Featured Short Film

Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth!

1950’s domestic drama is told in one consecutive shot, delving into Marjorie and Kenneth’s struggle with their respective roles in the marriage. Both shocking and disturbing, ‘Let’s Be Civil, Kenneth!’ is a brilliant masterpiece with a macabre approach, illustrating the the social restrictions of ” The American Dream.” It stars[…]

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Murphy’s Law

In this 80s comedy, a high school student must return his principal’s porn rental by four o’clock in order to graduate. facebook.com/makethismovienow twitter.com/rccinema royalcourtcinema.com

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