Made’ is the tale of a woman’s intriguing double life. Minako, a young Japanese female, lives in a Tokyo penthouse with her European boyfriend, a successful musician. One morning she leaves the apartment as usual, dressed in formal office attire. But instead of arriving at a desk, she emerges amongst[…]

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The Fish

“The Fish” is a dark comedy about Jimmy and his unlucky forays into Montreal’s underground world of illegal betta fish fighting when by chance he ends up with a prize winning fish that he bought in a pet store. thefishmovie.com facebook.com/thefishmovie

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The lives of an athlete turned caregiver and a recently wheelchair-bound carpenter are woven together in a story about emotional captivity, struggle, and creative escape. smallshortfilm.com facebook.com/ZandrakProductions zandrak.com twitter.com/zandrakfamily

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Mail Order | Films de chez nous

Mail Order | Online Premiere

A lonely man ‘purchases’ a love doll online, coming in the form of a dedicated actress, in order to fulfill his depraved and dominant fantasies but finds himself wanting more than total control; companionship. A twisted love story with elements of romance/fantasy/dark comedy and sci-fi. facebook.com/outlandviewproductions

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Crazy Like Me || Featured Short Film

Crazy Like Me

After college, a depressed young woman has a quarter life crisis. Between her degrading job at a restaurant and her failed relationships with family and men, she starts seeing a therapist who turns out to be just as conventional as everyone else. I believe that at a certain point in[…]

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The Phone Call | Oscar

The Phone Call | Oscar Winner

Congratulations to Mat Kirkby and James Lucas for their Oscar win for best Live Action Short. A woman working for a crisis center phone line receives a call from a suicidal older man. thephonecallfilm.com facebook.com/thephonecall twitter.com/thephonecall

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One man, in debt to the mob, faces execution–can his past change his future? facebook.com/pages/Descension twitter.com/gjmine09 mine09.com

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An erotic thriller about a woman, trapped in a marriage with a man that has become a sort of “monster” that she has to “feed” sexually.

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Close | Online Premiere

An intimate portrayal of a Father and son’s relationship. On the week of Charlie’s 13th Birthday he makes a terrible discovery that brings him closer to his Father. Facebook.com/closefilm twitter.com/geoffwideeyed geoffrey-taylor.com

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There All Along

One last choice for Wes before the love of his life disappears forever In this life, we have to make many choices. Some are very important choices. Some are not. Many of our choices are between good and evil. The choices we make, however, determine to a large extent our[…]

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