Le Village | Featured Short Film

Le Village

A group of bored teens searching for a little excitement in a small French Canadian village inadvertently cause a dramatic event that forever changes the course of the entire town. Based on a true story, ‘Le Village’ digs into small town roots and displays the vigorous effects of everyone knowing[…]

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1998 was the best year of Matt’s life. Given the opportunity he’d go back like a shot. But once there, will he like what he sees? backtrack-ashortfilm.tumblr.com facebook.com/baktrackashortfilm

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Filth | Short Film Trailer


KIR Two homeless guys, two beggars. They go an ATM box to prevent themselves from cold and spend the cold night in there. Then one of the customers of the bank comes to the ATM and gets some cash but he forgets his ATM Card there. Then our story begins[…]

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Exteriors | Daily Short Picks


In the suburbs of Reno, a friendship is threatened when the sweltering summer heat exposes a long-ignored secret. yankeedivision.com facebook.com/ThisIsYD twitter.com/thatisyd instagram.com/theseareyd

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In The Dark | Daily Short Pick

In The Dark

When a shadowy agency’s recruit is called to kill for the welfare of the state, we get a glimpse into the Orwellian world the US could become — or perhaps already is. joehallfilms.com facebook.com/DamascusRoadmovie

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Memories of a Hitman | Short Film Trailer

Memories of a Hitman

A story about a hitman and his journey to find his humanity… facebook.com/pages/Memories-of-a-Hitman

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One Day in Whitechapel | Short Trailer on Film Shortage

One day in Whitechapel

Two teenagers meet on the opposite sides of the barricades during a racist demonstration and open a dialogue due to circumstance bringing them together. Sam goes to her first demonstration, where she sees this tough battle between the racists and anti-racists. She is forced to do the right thing after[…]

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Survival Guide | Daily Short Pick

Survival Guide

It’s 1987 and a child abductor is at large in the neighbourhood. Locked out in the cold and face-to-face with shadowy strangers, Fleur, an 11-year-old girl guide, must make quick decisions about who she can trust. philipjconnell.com facebook.com/AlistairJamesFilms twitter.com/loglady78

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I'm Not Sorry | Featured Short Film

I’m Not Sorry

A lonely and disturbed man wants nothing more than to fit in and find a partner but his self-loathing and violent tendencies prevent that from becoming a reality. Ok this one’s a little creepy, disturbing and whatever else you want to call it. But despite its outrageous and uncomfortable nature,[…]

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Open City: Kids

Left to their own devices, two East New York siblings find a new game to play – mimicking the family business. Based On A True Story. KIDS is an excerpt from the series, Open City Mixtape. This a collection of narrative and documentary short films about life in New York’s[…]

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