Trapped in a collapsed mineshaft, two men struggle to free themselves from the depths of the earth and their own despair. Battling time and fighting for life, they’re forced to confront themselves until the surprising truth behind their predicament reaches the surface.

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Scarred Pages

Scarred Pages is a short film about a woman trapped in a controlling relationship, who finds solace in the artistic expression of her imaginary world. Until all is exposed.

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The Wood House

Following a bad argument with his father, teenage Jonah decides to escape from his small town abusive home life. On his way to the train he goes to say goodbye to his high school crush Mercy but instead convinces her to go along with him. As we follow them to[…]

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A hard-boiled tale following Gumshoe, a private eye hot on the trail of his missing partner. In this world of femme fatales and hired goons, the truth lies beneath. ‘Gumshoe’ is the first short film in the ‘Gumshoe Files’ series. facebook.com/Gumshoefiles

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The Plan

After years of self-neglect, Ben looks back on an important decision in his life through the twisted memories of a disturbed man. theplan-film.com

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Kami shadows a woman left alone, isolated and burdened with a malevolent energy after her lover takes his own life. Watch William’s earlier Short Picked film ‘The Game Store‘. tasteperfect.tumblr.com facebook.com/kamishortfilm

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From The Woods

A confrontation with an old rival makes Zack Woods a media sensation hours before leading his underdog team into Game One of March Madness. FromTheWoodsFilm.com Facebook.com/FromTheWoodsFilm Twitter.com/From_the_woods

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In an outer suburban skateboard park, rising tension between two young sisters comes to a head. paperplanefilms.com.au facebook.com/switch.film twitter.com/phoebehartley vimeo.com/phoebehartley

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Flight Patterns

Flight Patterns is a film about wanderlust, memory, and the things you leave behind when you leave paradise. bradleytangonan.com

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On the night of their high school graduation, a young couple drifts through their quiet suburban town while processing the weight of the day. A soundtrack by James Iha, with Karen O & Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, provides an atmospheric score to the couple’s journey.

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