Jim Novak was never a good man. In the last years of his life he finds himself dependent on his daughter and her family. A cowardly soldier, an absentee father, and an abusive husband, his failures have come back to haunt him. He’ll never discover what real dangers there are.[…]

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A young man at the end of his rope tracks down his birth father, and their encounter is a transformative event.

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Will Save Him

A young man’s family begins to crumble after his brother runs away from home.

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N. King

Kalany is hesitant; about to go on his first hold up driven by money, and the search for his place in life. His worst fears are realized when things don’t go according to plan. North King Street runs through Kalihi, a rough neighborhood in Honolulu, far from the tourist spots[…]

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Amongst economic decline, a man is forced to examine the state of his broken family, due to a phone call he receives concerning his estranged father; a Vietnam veteran, plagued by post tramatic stress. At their last resort, the children struggle to maintain a stable enviroment. fiveamfilms.com instagram.com/skyler__lawson

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The Yellow Valley | Online Premiere

Sarah has always felt guided by her dreams toward a future life – a life with a man named Luc. When Sarah finally meets Luc, the guiding power that brought them together begins to threaten their love. For Sarah, there’s always another dream, pulling her – and now Luc –[…]

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Possum | Online Premiere

On the weekend of Halloween, an unsettling encounter with a dead possum forces a grieving young couple to reconnect. possumfilm.com facebook.com/possumfilm

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Cella, is the first film, in a series of moral tales. The inspiration for the series is loosely modeled on Eric Rohmer’s series “Six Moral Tales.” However, aside from the concept and the human factor, there is no theme (storyline, character, etc ) connection to Rohmer’s series. Whereas, the dialogue[…]

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In case you missed it on our Daily Short Picks, here’s the trailer for ‘Fragma’. Two lives look for meaning into a time that was lived, dreamed, and above all, felt. Watch the film

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Below The Surface

A girl reflects on the precious moments she had with her sister before a tragic mistake was made in order to release her guilt and reach absolution. neema.media.com instagram.com/thenamesneema

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