Father & Son – Trailer

William and Jake, a father and son exorcist team make their way through a desolate city in order to free a young girl from demonic possession. As the night unfolds, Jake grows increasingly frustrated with his father’s methods and confronts him, breaking their special bond and threatening the ‘business.’ See[…]

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A Young man finds himself homeless on the street. Searching for answers. suki.co.il facebook.com/naorsuki facebook.com/designbysuki vimeo.com/isuki

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Severus and Stone

Severus and Stone is a short film adaptation of the story told in alt-folk artist Radical Face’s song of the same title. Created by 16 year old director / cinematographer / editor Alden Blake, the film tells the poignant tale of love, loss, and of two brothers who discover that[…]

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On a night out, two estranged friends reconnect and remember the dark past that tore them apart. Watch Air Balloon on Vimeo on Demand Now redflightpictures.com facebook.com/redflightpictures twitter.com/redflightfilms

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Hush | Featured Short Film


A daughter returns home to teach her family a lesson, but she ends up learning brutal lesson of her own. ‘Hush’ is a dark and chilling short film that supports itself through the tense moods and bewildering settings. I had just completed my first narrative short film and really enjoyed[…]

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Rot is a hypnotic, intimately revealing look at love, loss, and regret told through the eyes of a man dying of a rare skin disease. rotmovie.com Facebook.com/rotmovie twitter.com/Rot_Film

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Tap Shoes and Violins

Both Charlie and Scott often feel out of place but during a brief encounter at their favorite coffee shop they feel as if they might have just met someone special. But neither ask for the others phone number and return home wishing they can go back in time. They return[…]

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Water Dogs on our Daily Short Picks

Water Dogs

WATER DOGS is the story of a homeless man who becomes one of NYC’s most popular hot dog vendors. facebook.com/waterdogsthemovie twitter.com/waterdogsmovie MatthewSlamowitz.com

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Two Friendly Ghosts

The short movie “Two Friendly Ghosts” tells the story about James Dean meeting Donald Turnupseed for the second time – 56 years after their tragic car accident, at the very same intersection – now they have time to talk. parkerellerman.com facebook.com/TwofriendlyGhosts

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Harry, a troubled young boy with a vivid imagination wants to fight the forces of evil like his television hero, the Star Ship Captain. When he meets the athletic but slightly awkward Jordan, the two boys set a plan in motion to defeat the forces of evil and save the[…]

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