The Changeling Julia and Tom are bullied in school. They try to stand up for each other, but have it difficult to meet as friends because of the circumstance. Comes there a time when it’s too late for trying?

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What do we do when the thing we desire most is also the thing furthest from our grasp? How do we accept what we cannot change, and move past mistakes that can’t be unmade? Shot on location in Vietnam and across South East Asia, ‘Afterglow’ is a film about love,[…]

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Ten Thousand Hours

A young architect falls from grace with an ambitious tower design that spirals him into a world of ego and obsession. His decisions risk losing those closest to him. A short on naive ambition, and the struggle between love and pursuit of career. Watch Joe Sill’s Featured Short: Expo

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Always Greener

A story that dives into the moment where decisions of life’s direction are made. Looking forward and looking back, the grass is always greener on the other side. gosfilms.com facebook.com/gosfilms

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Certified | Featured Short Film


A postman’s first day takes a terrifying turn when a precocious young girl tells him of her family’s horrible tragedy. Certified is a wonderfully contained short using a notable and rather uneasy storytelling combination between time, genre and characters, which in form has been nailed right on. Taking place in[…]

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A short story capturing and embellishing the pure awe felt for the natural world as a child. It is a story with a simple goal; to stir those feelings of enchantment with the ordinary and the common.

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Sur le bord | Films de chez nous

Sur le bord

Sur le bord raconte une histoire mettant en parallèle son personnage principal, une femme souffrant d’épuisement professionnel, et le lieu où elle s’échoue : une auberge fatiguée. Mais au moment où la jeune femme commence à remonter la pente, elle apprend qu’elle devra partir car l’auberge sera démolie sous peu.[…]

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Look Have you ever wondered how changing your point of view could affect your own happiness ? “Regarde” may give you the answer… facebook.com/regardebydavidkadoche davidkadoche.com

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Let There Be Animal

A dynamic short drama following how a young man’s morals are tested by the rough streets of London. praktikafilms.com

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Filled with hair-raising suspense, here is the full awaited premiere from the featured trailer we posted several weeks ago. A struggling actress is getting trapped in abstract, brutal events, triggered by a mysterious drug called “Yellow”. facebook.com/TreehauzMedia

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