Fred Cavender

The First Hit || Short Trailer

The First Hit

Two moonlighting hitmen meet their first client in unusual circumstances.

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I Am Stramgram – Resonance

A two part music video / short film about a man who can’t get over his regret, deciding to visit a specialised clinic in order to do something about it.

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Cole – InFamous

When Cole develops incredible powers after surviving a lethal city-wide explosion, he has a life-changing decision to make: protect himself and those closest to him or stand up to the ruthless militia taking over the city. ‘Cole’ is a fan film of the Playstation video game series ‘inFamous‘ and is[…]

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The Weekend Shortlist: Without You


It’s just a normal, boring day for Elise in the not so distant future. But an unexpected encounter with a familiar face changes her life forever.

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