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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Fell

A unique & exciting British sci-fi short, with a stellar cast & award winning crew. Fell is a film with both brain & heart. Fell is an exciting British sci-fi short film from award-winning Director Fern Berresford and Co-Director Russell Warren. Created over three years, the film has received support[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Wash Club

Wash Club is the true story of an aspiring journalist who accidentally becomes the ringleader of a death cult. Wash Club is the strange but true story of one man’s struggle to uncover a secret society of students who get into tumble driers for fun. Doug is an undergrad journalist[…]

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Bartleby | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

Bartleby is a stop-motion short film by Kristen Kee and Laura Naylor about a stubborn office worker who prefers not to. Bartleby is a classic tale of how to waste one’s life in a modern office. And of how to stop doing that. Sort of. Our story begins as a[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | R'ha

R’ha (a.k.a. “Alienz vs Machine”) is on the verge of production. Help us fund the original science-fiction epic! Watch the original short film featured on Film Shortage! Shortly after its release, the R’ha short film garnered over 20 million views worldwide and quickly attracted the attention of major film studios[…]

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The Woo | Crowdfunding Picks We Dig

A short film about isolation, dependence, and virtual reality set in the heart of Austin, Texas. Thank you for visiting the Kickstarter for THE WOO. This film has been a labor of love over several years, and the time has finally come for it to be finished once and for[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Han Solo Fan Film

Han Solo sets out on a daring adventure to rescue Chewbacca in this exciting new Star Wars fan film! The Universe’s favorite intergalactic smuggler sets out on an epic quest to rescue an old friend. He uses his mechanical skills, cunning wit, and his creative interpretation of the rules to[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | The Cup of Wrath

A dramatic short about love, loss, and vengeance. The preproduction and filming of Wrath was completely self funded out of love, but now we need your help to finish it and get it out there. Please join our team by supporting this film and grab some awesome rewards while you’re[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks We Dig | Batman: Death of a City

Batman: Death of a City is a non-profit fanfiction crime-thriller inspired by the Caped Crusader’s darkest chapters. BATMAN: DEATH OF A CITY is a non-profit fanfiction short film depicting the violence and depravity that plagues Gotham City. Over the course of one long hellacious night Jim Gordon and his partner[…]

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Fifty Minutes // #10 @ Top 10 2017

A struggling rock band blows up amps, short-circuits breakers and starts fires when they play their music. The Privates is a science fiction rock-and-roll comedy about the absurd frustrations and minor triumphs of an everyday rock band with a radioactive energy in their music they can’t control. Though talented, driven[…]

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Crowdfunding Picks | The Truthful Phone

The Truthful Phone is based by a Terry Jones (Monty Python) short story of the same name, supported in part by the Film Agency Wales with BAFTA nominated director Carl Rock. The Truthful Phone is a dark comedy about nasty pensioner Mae Morris; local busybody, pet kidnapper, husband killer. Who[…]

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