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There’s Something About Female Robots

I woke up this morning and watched two shorts back to back, although very different, they both had a very odd similar feature: female robots! And this is not the first time we see female robots/cyborgs, just over a month ago we featured a film with a cyborg-like wife getting[…]

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YouTube – Your Film Festival Winner: La Culpa (The Guilt)

Congratulations to David Victori from Spain for taking home the big prize and a chance to create an original film with Ridley Scott Your Film Festival is presented by YouTube and Emirates Airlines. Filmmakers were invited to submit their short films for the chance to win $500,000 to create original[…]

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Why Do We Love Short Films?

Before you leave to go watch awesome shorts, make sure to leave us a little comment about why YOU love short films in our comment box at the bottom of the page! We really want to know what triggers your short love! Our relationship with the short film has been[…]

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What Type Of Short Films Do We Prefer?

What Do We Like After several weeks since the launch, and almost a month since we started accepting shorts, we are already starting to see patterns in the submitted films. Today we would like to take the time to tell our viewers and submitters what type of short films we[…]

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Welcome To Film Shortage

A website designed and curated for short film enthusiasts and filmmakers. Where Did FilmShortage Come From? I spent the last year and a half working on a short film ‘After The Rain‘. After so much work and delays upon delays we finally released the short on April 15th. After much[…]

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